Desert Supreme

Desert Supreme is Kari and Eric. They made the desert their home after careers in the Pacific Northweat and and upbringing in Alaska. Kari brings years of aromatherapy, herbalism and skin care formulation to the business as well as a genuine "maker" mentality while Eric uses his graphic design, web building and logistics talents to support their collective vision.


Desert Supreme is an homage to the desert. Often referred to as "barren", the desert is actually robust with botanical allies. Desert Supreme set out to build a desert apothecary line to share these amazing plants and provide wellness. Their promise is Clean and effective formulas that smell amazing.  All products are handmade with organic, wildcrafted or sustainable ingredients- featuring nature’s superstar desert botanicals.

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Quick View Rancho Relaxo Desert Supreme Relaxing Roll-on exclusive collaboration with Rancho Relaxo

Relaxing Roll-On

A Rancho Relaxo + Desert Supreme Collab! Discover this intoxicating mix of grapefruit, patchouli, and Scots pine. You will find the combination unexpected and unisex. Apply and inhale this calming...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Desert Supreme Botanical Face Mist

Botanical Face Mist

Locally handmade in the Coachella Valley, this multi-purposeful mist is made with extracts of Blue Agave and Aloe. Can be used after cleansing, as a toner, or as a moisturizer/make-up primer!
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Desert Supreme Botanical Skincare Balm 30ml

Botanical Skincare Balm 30ml

A magical mixture of the desert's finest ingredients and it works magic. An alchemic mixture of desert herbs, oils, and resins, blended to form a powerful skincare balm. This multi-purpose formula...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Desert Supreme Botanical Facial Elixir 15ml

Botanical Facial Elixir 15ml

All of the desert's botanical superstars in one bottle! Use this Facial Elixir daily to find your desert glow! Handmade in the Coachella Valley in a 15ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle. Desert Supreme...
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