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Quick View Rancho Relaxo Compendium Idea Plush

Idea Plush

Is it an egg or is it a chicken? The award-winning book inspires this white egg/chicken with a gold and teal crown and floppy orange legs, “What do you do with an Idea?” This small and curious creature has a tagline across the lower back that says, “What...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Amuseable Desert Cactus S

Amuseable Desert Cactus

$23.50 - $35.00
This strong cactus watches over his desert cacti friends like a sibling. Soft olive green corduroy gives him great texture to withstand desert heat and critters. Happy with a fine line smile and black eyes, he's not prickly and will gladly be a pillow...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg S

Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg

$14.00 - $23.00
This eggcellent mama and son pair are ovalicious with a luscious yellow center. These Amuseable plush babies greet you with a warm cheery smile can dance with you with their dangling brown legs. But don't leave them to fry on the desert sidewalk! This...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Amuseable Clementine S

Amuseables Clementine

$18.00 - $25.00
This pair of clever Clementines are quite the cuddly pair of textured orange peels that look good enough to eat! These ostentatious orange babies with cute corduroy feet are ready to squeeze into your heart. Can be purchased together or separately.
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Amuseable Pineapples

Amueseable Pineapple

$18.00 - $27.50
Juicy golden-colored Amuesable Pineapples are adorned with light green fluffy stems upon their heads. The flow of the fur makes it look prickly but it is anything but! These happy desert pineapples are sure to make you happy and give you lots of cuddles...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Birdling Blue Tit


These desert little birdlings are colorful and free as they fly from cactus to cactus. Kingfisher, Wren and Woodpecker can sit upon your hand or your window. These babies are lovely soft hues of blue, grey, rust, green and red with detailed black eyes...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat The Happy Egg Book

The Happy Egg Book

This happy little board book is a great complimentary gift with the Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg for any little person who loves a good story. Follow the Happy Egg on its journey of happiness from the fields to the beach enjoying all the treasures of...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Compendium Idea Crown

Idea Crown

The world is waiting for your big, bold, and wild ideas. This is your idea crown. Wear it and remind yourself to give your ideas the space they need to grow into something wonderful.
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Compendium Flying Pig

Flying Pig

Anything is possible and pigs can fly! A companion to the enchanting book Maybe, this adorable stuffed animal is ready to share your dreams and adventures.
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Swellegant Kitty Cat

Swellegant Kitty Cat

You can find this grey kitty cat at the rock n' roll show jumping up and down to the beat. She's friends with Swellegant Francesca Fox and Swellegant Penelope Poodle. When they get together the music is always dialed up to an 11. This Kitty Cat has...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Silly Succulent Aloe

Silly Succulent Aloe

This silly smiling pot with corduroy feet loves to hang with his buddy Silly Succulent Prickly Pear Cactus on a sunny windowsill. Silly Succulent Aloe is ready to cool you down from the heat with a joke or two whenever needed. The aloe is sparkly planted...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Bertie Owlet

Bertie Owlet

This little grey and white fluff ball called Bertie Owlet is eager to please! She loves flying around the desert treetops with her wise older friend, Gloria Owl, finding the best view points for tasty snacks. Small but mighty, this cutie is loyal and...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Jellycat Amuseable Banana

Amuseable Banana

This nuzzly 'nana is curvaceous and bodacious with panels of peels. With a little grin and corduroy boots, this baby is ready for your arms unless he slips away! This banana can sit up on its own and is ready for you to take him home.
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