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Quick View Rancho Relaxo Raven's Heart Meditation Candles

Meditation Candle

Set your intention and let it burn. All 4 oz. candles are made with vegan soy wax. Summerland Grief Candle: Essential Oil of Sandalwood, Frankincense (shock and denial), Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile (guilt and anger), Sage; amd Lavender (depression and...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Paddywax Beam Mini Glass 3 oz. Candles

Beam Mini Glass 3oz. Candle

Paddywax Beam Mini Glass 3 oz. Candles are a great little gift or addition to any cozy space, indoor or outdoor. Each scent is carefully curated by this special company designed with a second life in mind. These little glass-colored jars can be...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Paddywax Yin Yang Candles

Yin Yang Candle

A candle for every mood. This unique 11 oz. ceramic candles has two separate fragrances that can standalone or create a new delightful aroma when burned together. Yin & Yang encourages slowing down and finding inner peace. Black wick - Palo Santo:...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Paddywax La Playa Vanilla Rosa Candle

La Playa Vanilla Rosa Candle

Hand blown glass has tequila in its future. Hand-blown bubble glass can be reused as a margarita glass. Top Notes: Bergamot, Sheer Lemon, Fresh Nutmeg, Bitter Lime Middle Notes: Rose Geranium, Warm Amber, Peony, Cedar Leaf Base Notes: Rosewood,...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Paddywax Pink Pepper & Pomelo Boheme Ceramic Candle

Pink Pepper & Pomelo 7oz Ceramic Candle

This beauty can be reused. Beautify your interior with a little BOHO style! This lovely hand-painted bowl is 12 oz. of luxurious fragrance. These are food-safe, so once the candle burns, pop out the wax and enjoy the bowl in your kitchen! Top Notes:...
Quick View Rancho Relaxo Piecework Puzzles Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti 500 Piece Puzzle

Inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies. Elegant & practical.Reuse after the candle burns through. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Top Notes: Water Mint, Jasmine, Lemon Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Silver Linden. Rose Petals Base Notes: White Amber, Orris...
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