Invest in RR

Rancho Relaxo had the inauspicious opening date of November 15, 2019. There are many things on my resume that give me pride.  Surviving and thriving my first 2 years is the top.


Obviously, 2020 was not easy and it definitely did not go as planned. I definitely could have been MUCH more creative when writing the RISK section of my business plan! That said, 2020 reinforced the lesson that my biggest successes will come from focusing on where I have control and staying nimble.

One of the most effective tools in my career has been honest post-mortems: what worked, what didn't and what are we going to do differently. Once I became my own boss, using my own money, Irealized that this tool was even more effective when used realtime to determine where to focus my energy.


The biggest disappointment of 2020 were all the rejection letters for disaster relief funds. I had not yet paid myself a salary so I did not qualify for PPE funds. And to qualify for most grants you had to show a sales drop over 2019.


Our biggest success at Rancho Relaxo has been the very loyal repeat customers and strong word of mouth. Our follower and engagement metrics on Instagram add color to this claim. Our next chapter, taking Rancho Relaxo on the road and updating our online platform, will help us better monetize these strengths.


Our most valuable asset has proven to be our name. A very big chunk of our customer base call their homes Rancho Relaxo. Rancho Relaxo symbolizes choosing a life well lived. We were recently awarded the trademark for this name and are the path to reach all those who live well to make them our customers.