Product Development

One of the greatest pleasures of working with local artists and artisans is when they personally stop in to drop off their wares. To me, this is the epitome of our Vision to humanize retail. I always look forward to talking shop, hearing about their new works, the ideas they are tossing around in their head and what is inspiring them. Inevitably we talk about how we can partner to do something amazing, unique and exclusive.


In our intimate world, anything is possible. Minimums are low, lead times tight and thinking and doing differently is our calling card.


What products are you looking for and how can we ba a part of it. See below for our growing list of collaborations.

RMC1+RR tee

Meet an exceptional human Ryan Campbell. The dichotomy in Ryan’s work is fascinating.

Ryan is inspired by hard lines but his work demonstrates that they are anything but...with the application of layer upon layer of color, the lines blur and the colors morph.

Ryan’s work demonstrates the power of ironic adjacencies. He creates magical combinations with the juxtaposition of colors that bounce around the color wheel.


Ryan’s skills were honed as part of the late 90s SoCal graffiti culture. Spray paint is his weapon of choice.

You can see his work in The Pit in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum (he was the Artist in Residence there in the Spring of 2020) and at Desert Regional Hospital. We have 2 of his pieces at RR.


The Coachella Valley is exploding with public works that have evolved and elevated the democratic art that graffiti artists pioneered. Ryan embarked on this tshirt collaboration in a similar democratic vein. All ages, all sizes have gravitated toward this piece in our shop. It is just a very good looking tee at the end of the day.


This tee is a limited edition and all proceeds are going back to the artist. They were printed locally at Windmill City Screen Printing.

DS + RR Desert Supreme Relaxing Roll On

The Desert Supreme team are kindred spirits: we are both enamored by desert botanicals and find fragrances fascinating. Partnering on this essential oil blend using an enchanting combination of local ingredients was a natural evolution of our relationship.


Developing fragrance blends is an iterative process, but it only took Kari 2 tries. She started with a blend of grapefruit, honeysuckle and patchouli (in homage of the Coachella Festival). The initial blend was too floral for my taste so Kari brought her box of essential oils and I brought my big box of perfumes (a collection I started when I worked as the fragrance buyer at Henri Bendel). 


The missing ingredient was Scots pine. The final blend nuanced and unisex and supremely relaxing.

Blaze Metal Arts Stainless Steel Roadrunner

This collaboration unfolded magically. Diane gave me this exceptional piece as a gift. Her son Scott in Portland works with stainless steel and a plasma laser cutter to create metal sculptures. These pieces are indoor/outdoor and develop a nuanced patina. Light and shadow dance around her in a magical celebration.


We put her in a place of honor in the shop and were soon getting requests to buy. We brought in a couple, then a couple more, then a whole flock. Many customers came back the next day to get a second as a companion piece or a gift.


Scott's creativity is limiteless. What is your spirit animal? Chances are he can form her likeness for you.