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Luna Sundara

Bag of Palo Santo sticks

Bag of Palo Santo sticks

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Palo Santo is a wonderfully fragrant wood with powerful properties to support you in creating your relaxing environment.

Smudging is a ritual where you cleanse the energy of physical space, object, or person. When burned, the sticks produce a fresh, aromatic scent. The smoke gives off a purifying, grounding effect that may help promote feelings of tranquility and peace.

To smudge: Light the tip of the stick and allow the wood to burn for under a minute before blowing out the flame. Relight as needed.

Each reusable cotton drawstring bag bag contains 100 grams of sustainably harvested, high-quality Palo Santo sticks that are hand-picked by talented Peruvian artisans.

Metaphysical properties of Palo Santo:
Clears negative energy & energetic blockages
Attracts positive energy
Enhances concentration & meditation
Calms immune &nervous systems
Instills a strong sense of calm
Facilitates breathe work
Repels insects

SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife) certified. Sustainably harvested in Peru.  

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