REworked at RR

We partner with Supernatch to rescue and creatively preserve your family's favorite cloth items. Clothes can especially hold precious memories, and cherished outfits mark the occasions that define our lives. And the smaller the clothes, the bigger the memories! Little ones grow so fast and every moment feels fleeting. Now you can REbuild a bear or REwork a rabbit for a unique keepsake.

How it works:
Take a stroll down memory lane. Unearth those precious garments that meant enough to keep: the babies first swim suit or a much loved cashmere sweater that the moths also loved.


Select the items you want to give new life and ensure they are in ready to rework condition (i.e. wash them). Bring your garments into Rancho Relaxo to discuss your vision. We will catalog and ship your items off the the Rework Workshop.






Who is the artisan behind this magic?


supernatch = all natural + supernatural


Supernatch is Indira, a Creative Executive in Apparel Production and Product Development with expert level knowledge of Vintage and Fashion History.


The supernatch philosophy isn't exactly upcycling, although it might go to the same parties and mingle with the same crowd. What supernatch aims to do is produce new and useful goods from old or reclaimed goods, with an eye towards current and future trends.


Whether we're taking a cast away cashmere and turning it into a squishy soft bear or lounge pillow, or repairing and adding sequin embroidery to an old pair of Levi's, the supernatch goal is to always curate, rescue, and creatively make something better out of what is already in the world.


Phase one: Planning and Picking Apart
Rescued garments are examined and cleaned. The seams are picked apart. The salvaged fabric is examined to determine the best and most beautiful placement.


Phase two: Cutting, Piecing, and Sewing
The salvaged fabric is fused to 100% cotton heavy duty fusible interfacing. Pattern pieces are cut from these fused pieces. Because of the stability of fusing fabric to woven cotton as a foundation, any fabric can be used for this project.


Phase three: Sewing and Stuffing
The fused pattern pieces are carefully sewn together and turned right side out. The stuffed animal is then stuffed with a core of their own fabric scraps while the head, arms, outer body and legs are stuffed with premium recycled polyester fill.

Indira has the magic and vision to see the potential of every last scrap.


Because of the nature of the custom work, we ask that you trust the vision of the artisan and make payment in advance.