RR On the Road

The name Rancho Relaxo came into being on a cross country road trip. The natural evolution of our brand is to take it on the road.


Meet Sunny, a 1961 Aljoa canned ham style camper that we lovingly refurbished to become a mini mobile store. This style camper circa 1961 represented the open road and all her potential. There is an inherent modernism to the design of campers of this era. Circa 2021, these campers harken back to simpler times and our nostalgic longing to hit the road and create a more beautiful future.


Sunny will be stocked with some of our favorite wares by our local and loved designers, including our signature tees that have cultivated a bit of a following. Her assortment will change week to week, event by event. Sunny is mobile and dynamic and intended to inspire and delight.


Our favorite part of Sunny's glow up is her John Cuevas mural. John captures the 1970s to 2070s vibe that epitomizes desert modern. To look at the world through John's eyes is to live the good life bathed in desert-colored rainbows that both reference our past and point to a brighter future. John has transformed Sunny into potential incarnate.


Where can you see Sunny?
Rancho Mirage Certified Farmer's Market every Friday 8am-2pm @ The Atrium
Palm Springs Village Fest, every Thursday evening 6-10pm in DTPS
Palm Springs Vintage Market, the 1st Sunday of every month 8am-2pm in DTPS
Mercado Joshua Tree TBD