Why Rancho Relaxo and Roadrunners?

The first question most customers ask is how we came up with the name Rancho Relaxo.


My husband Domenic grew up in DC. After graduating from college, he took a cross country road trip with his best friend. Randomly, their destination was Rancho Mirage, CA. They referred to their terminus as Rancho Relaxo. I loved the sound of it. And I really love alliteration.


Fast forward 20+ years to me trying to think of a name for my nascent retail concept. Rancho Relaxo was the first thing that popped into my head and I loved it immediately. Curiously, I felt protective of the name. I was very hesitant to ask anyones' opinion for fear that seeds of doubt would be planted in my brain.


Fast forward to my announcement on Facebook. The first comment was something like "that's a stupid name"....Then my first customer asked me if I named my shop after the Simpson's episode....the sound in my brain was of tires screaching. How had I not known that there was a VERY, VERY famous Simpson's episode where Marge takes a trip to my namesake?


Fast forward to many customers thereafter. Approximately 50% of our customers share that their home too is called Rancho Relaxo!!! Often I will be given a tour through a customers photo albums on their phone to see their own Rancho Relaxo.


I love the name Rancho Relaxo. What has been one of the more pleasant surprises is how much our customers do too. The name resonates with our guests for many reasons.  


For me, the name Rancho Relaxo is a celebration of arrival. The name is a celebration of fulfilling a lifelong dream to live in California. The name is a reminder to create your own paradise.


Welcome to Rancho Relaxo!




I remember vividly seeing my first roadrunner shortly after moving to the desert. My reaction to seeing a roadrunner was almost the same as the first time I saw a tumbleweed. The experience was fleeting, the impression indelible. I just wintnessed something almost fantastical that I previously only knew as a caricature. I was now in a fantastical world. I was in the desert.


The roadrunner spirit is a positive force that reminds people of happiness and joy. They symbolize intelligence, courage and the ability to face dangers and difficulties with a positive attitude.  These spirits radiate optimims and good vibrations, helping us achieve our goals by listening to our instincts and mind.