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Are you looking for a SIGN?

Are you looking for a SIGN?

A SIGN Are you looking for one? I was.

Some things in life are easy. I never imagined getting a big neon bird would be one of them.

I reached out to Lisa Schulte, AKA The Neon Queen. Within weeks I got my big bird.

Lisa’ story is a fascinating one. Light has defined her life from a young age when an eye injury left her eyes bandaged for months.

Lisa started her company Nights of Neon in 1984 after winning a commission to create a light installation for the Los Angeles Olympics. She tried to find people to help execute her vision. That search was fruitless so she did it herself. Along the way she earned the title queen. She has been using light, glass and gas to make magic for almost 40 years.

Interesting facts about neon: 

When illuminated, neon can be seen through dense fog.

Neon is one of the 8 noble elements. These elements are like lone warriors because of the stability of their atomic structure they do not react easily with other elements.

How does a neon sign work? 

Neon signs are glass tubes containing neon gas. Electricity added to neon strips away their electrons. Light is produced when enough energy is added to excite them.

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