Meet David Galan

Meet David Galan

I met David on my many trips to LA for market. He shared a showroom that was a regular stop on my market visits.

My jaw dropped the first time I saw his bags. They were stunning, and like nothing I had ever seen before. I had not had success selling bags at that time and was concerned that my customer (I was buying for a resort guest at that time) would not appreciate them the way that I did. I had long since learned that things I love passionately do not often translate to commercial success.

So I took some pictures and stores them in the back of my brain. I looked him up and was floored by his pedigree. He had worked for some of the biggest names in fashion: Ralph Lauren, Barneys and Simon Doonan, Tom Ford. I was impressed and knew I would work with him eventually.

And then I saw David a couple months after that, and again a couple months later. David has the type of face that always looks like it is smiling. The joy emanates from deep within and burns through his eyes. He never rushed me and was always excited to see me.

And then I finally pulled the trigger. And his bags sold immediately.

When I opened Rancho Relaxo, I knew that David's line represented exactly what I wanted to share with my guests. Hand crafted in LA, beautifully styled, modern, functional, elegant, exceptional, unique. And created by a human who I had grown to love. David was one of the first people to visit my store and his energy lifted my spirits to the heavens.

One of David's items I would like to give the honor of best in class: his pearl earrings and necklace. I have never been much of a pearl person. I always gravitate to things that are a little soft, and a little hard. His oversize pearl drops with oxidized metal hardware and matching chunky chain necklace that are both surprisingly light weight are exactly this.

Please enjoy his work. Everything is made to order so allow 2 weeks for delivery if they are not in stock. Be prepared to getting asked frequently, what are you wearing and where can I get it?

Where do you live? West Hollywood / San Francisco

Where were you born? Monterey, California

What is your super power? Telepathy

How would you describe your "job" in 2 sentences or less. Creating something to die for

How would you describe your sense of style? Modern & futuristic

Who is your style icon? Dinah Vreeland / Halston

How would you describe your sense of humor? Sarcastic and witty

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Living in Paris

What would you like to see in the post pandemic world? That we as a species are all one.

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