OUTFIT INSPIRATION: High summer looks to keep your cool

OUTFIT INSPIRATION: High summer looks to keep your cool

Are you looking for ways to look and feel cool in the long summer days and nights of August? Layering neutrals and mixing and matching elements is an easy way to recycle looks in your closet.

ix cream with white and soft pastels. This pinstripe Bel Kazan dress is easy and very slenderizing. Update the look with hand crafted elements like a tie dye Freya Panama hat or embroidered IVKO sweater.

Cream is the perfect summer neutral, a little softer than white. Fully embrace the feminine nature of this wonderful neutral with this L Space puff sleeve baby doll dress.

Playing with the masculine and feminine dichotomy is a fun way to energize your look. Silk slip dresses reminiscent of the 90s are a significant trend that will hopefully have staying power.

This was my uniform in the 90s. I love this ASTARS slip because the straps are wide enough to wear with a bra and it is forgiving at the hips while still being cut on the bias so it hugs but not constrains. Paired with a military jacket like this version from AS by DF to look fiercely feminine. And the bullet holders are perfectly sized to accommodate holding your favorite lipsticks!

And animal prints are always a good idea. This ASTARS short and tee combo has very subtle pops of flourescent green in the print. Layered with an irridescent metallic JJ Winters crossbody clutch is just that, clutch.

And don't forget about metallics! Gold, silver, bronze can all be mixed and matched. Please disregard anyone who tells you otherwise!

Flourescent accessories are an excellent way to bring both neutrals and metallics alive.


Black is always a good idea, but up the white to keep it fresh. Consider fabric and texture when mixing and matching. Ribbing is another 90s staple that has made a strong comeback. This ribbed dress from Recommence is wonderfully slimming AND also comes in black. We offer ribbed tanks from the brand as well.

And again, animal prints are always a good idea. This Veronica M jumpsuit is a personal favorite.

Stay cool! Stella

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