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Sofia Enriquez Mural

Sofia Enriquez Mural

Easily my favorite part of Rancho Relaxo is our dressing rooms painted by Coachella Valley native artist Sofia Enriquez. Sofia’s work celebrates femininity with bold iconography that weaves a story. Every day this story unfolds in deeper, more nuanced layers for me. Every day I notice a new detail, a deliberate drip or a playful juxtaposition of color.

Over the course of 13 hours, on November 23, 2019, just a week after we opened our doors, a rising star shared her brilliance with me and my space. Although her work has a fanciful and fantastic quality, her work style was anything but. Every drip and bold brush stroke was applied with the precision of a samurai.

Sofia’s use of color is particularly captivating and speaks to the exploration of cultural identity woven throughout her work.


If you haven’t seen this work in person, it is waiting to be discovered by you!

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