The Essence of Essential Oils

The Essence of Essential Oils


Introducing DESERT SUPREME x RR Relaxing Roll-On. A creation born from a love of desert botanicals and essential oils.


Partnering with Kari Morford on the creation of this intoxicating elixir was pure joy. Kari brought over her box of vials of native desert essential oils. I shared my box of beloved fragrances.

There is science behind claims that essential oils can help you relax.Aromatherapy has been proven to alter brain waves and behavior. Breathing is the most basic bodily function. When combined with mindfulness and facilitated with aromatherapy, breathing becomes a tool to not just reduce the perception of stress but actually reduce cortisol (aka the "stress hormone") coursing through your body. 


My love of fragrances was born when I stumbled into the position as Niche Fragrance Buyer at the iconic 5th Avenue store Henri Bendel. I was priveledged to peek into the world of "le nez" (the nose) and have remained fascinated and captivated since. 

Kari was an ideal partner: curious, responsive and very well versed in native essential oils. Iteration #1 was a blend of jasmine, grapefruit and patchouli. The later was chosed in homage to Coachella and the spirit of music festivals. My reaction was too floral. I am partial to more unisex notes.

Kari and I discussed and decided to incorporate something from the pine family. I have always been mystified how pine trees can flourish in the desert next to palms. We even have a trail called Palm to Pines in our valley. Pines bring me back to my childhood in Ohio. I grew up on a street named Forest Hill Drive where pines were abundant.

Take 2 and Kari nailed it! She replaced honeysuckle with Scots Pine and all the notes settled in wonderfully into an intoxicating elixir.

Interesting fact on patchoulli: it is part of the mint family! Seeing a pic of the plant makes this obvious. The musky-earthiness of this plant gives a depth to its floral range.

Grapefruit is an all-star note in many fragrances because it is fresh and uplifting and connotes summertime fun. It is also decidedly uni-sex. 

One of my earliest memories of moving to California was walking down my street smelling the citrus trees bursting. My neighbor put a box on the side of the street full of grapefruits with a sign TAKE ME. Welcome to bountiful CA!

The note that elevates the Relaxing Roll-On is Scots Pine: sharp, sweet, citrusy and refreshing. The pine odor comes from a chemical compound tarpene. This compound has some amazing super powers that have intrigued scientists. When a tree is damaged, a pine produces a resin that hardens and protects the tree from bugs and inhibits fungal growth.In hot summer months, pines release tarpenes into the atmosphere that helps cool their surroundings. Tarpenes function like petroleum-based chemicals used to make plastic and fuels.  Scientists are exploring how pines could become a renewable resrouce for these functions.

Please enjoy this creation.

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